A Day in the Lavender Fields


Step into a world of serenity and enchantment as we invite you to join us for “A Day in the Lavender Fields” at Two Dachshund Farm. Nestled in the heart of Franklin County, NC, our 17-acre lavender and fiber agritourism haven beckons visitors to experience the beauty, fragrance, and tranquility of our lush lavender fields.

Embrace Nature’s Palette:

As the sun graces the fields, hues of purple and green come alive, creating a picturesque landscape that captivates the senses. In our blog post, we’ll guide you through the visual journey of walking amidst rows of lavender, highlighting the therapeutic benefits and the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Learn About Lavender Farming:

Beyond the aesthetic allure, delve into the art and science of lavender farming. Gain insights into the cultivation process, harvesting techniques, and the sustainable practices we uphold at Two Dachshund Farm. Our commitment to environmentally conscious farming practices ensures a harmonious relationship between nature and agriculture.

Tranquil Moments and Reflections:

Take a virtual stroll through our lavender fields, where tranquility is not just a state but an experience. We’ll share moments of peace, the gentle hum of bees in the lavender blooms, and the meditative atmosphere that defines a day spent in our fields.

Plan Your Visit:

Inspired by the lavender-infused imagery? Plan your visit to Two Dachshund Farm and immerse yourself in the calming ambiance of our lavender fields. Our guided tours offer an up-close encounter with nature, providing an educational and visually captivating experience.


“A Day in the Lavender Fields” is not just a visit; it’s an opportunity to connect with nature, learn about lavender farming, and rejuvenate your spirit. Join us in celebrating the magic of lavender, where every day is an invitation to explore, appreciate, and embrace the beauty that surrounds us at Two Dachshund Farm.

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Saturday, June 1

June 1

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From 10 to noon
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