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Two Dachshund Farm emphasizes education and we love hosting school groups. We try to provide activities that are educational and fun and involve learning about fiber, fiber animals, and other farm animals and their jobs on our farm. We move student groups through various stations that include meeting and learning about our different animals, learning about the value in fiber animals, understanding the process of turning animal fiber into products, and participating in a craft as well as other activities. We can also design a farm visit that meets your own specific objectives or standards.

Home Schools Group Tours

School groups are by appointment only. Contact us for more information and to arrange a date, time, and activities.

$12 for first child in a family; $6 for each additional child aged 4 and above.

One parent free per family; additional parents/guests are $6.

Parents are expected to help supervise children and assist them moving from station to station.

Time for a farm visit depends on the size of the group as well as the number of activities we plan. We can do anywhere from 90 minutes to several hours.

There are some picnic tables and umbrellas but you are also encouraged to bring blankets and/or camp chairs to eat lunch on the farm.

Tours may be rescheduled due to inclement weather. Please text or call us at (919) 632-1168 and we will work with you to rescheduled. No-shows will not be refunded.

Additional Important Information:

No pets are allowed on our farm except for certified support animals which must be kept on a leash at all times and not allowed in areas with our animals.

Specific food donations for our animals such as apples, carrots, crackers, lettuces, and pumpkins are appreciated but guests are only allowed to feed our animals treats that we have prepared ahead of time.

Our farm store will be open during your visit.

We would like to use images from school visits on our social media. No personal names would be used. Please let us know when you arrive if you would prefer we not use pictures of your children.

We caution about the use of strollers and wheelchairs currently for the health and safety of our guests. We have some gravel surfaces that make it difficult to maneuver. If you do use a stroller or wheelchair, tires should be sanitized after visiting in the animal areas.

Guests should dress appropriately for being outdoors and around farm animals. Closed-toe shoes are strongly encouraged. Sunscreen, water bottles, and bug repellants are also suggested.

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From 10 to noon
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