Meet Our Animals

Discover the Charm of Two Dachshund Farm's Animal Residents

Meet Our Furry Friends

Welcome to the heart of Two Dachshund Farm, where our furry companions await to steal your heart. From gentle alpacas to playful Angora rabbits, each animal has a unique story to share. Join us on a journey of friendship and discovery as we introduce you to the beloved residents who make our farm come alive.


We have 5 Huacaya and 2 Suri alpacas. We shear them once a year in the spring and send their fiber to a local mill to be processed into yarn, roving, or core spun.

They are sweet, gentle animals who tolerate visitors especially when there are treats involved.


We have 15 sheep of different breeds including Finn and Finn crosses, a Bluefaced Leicester, a CVM, a Cormo/Corredale cross and two Icelanic lambs. We shear them once a year and send their fiber to a local mill to be processed into yarn or roving. They are good- natured, friendly animals who will follow you around like puppy dogs, especially when there are treats involved.


We have 2 llamas who are sheared once a year.

Their fiber is processed into yarn and corespun.

Llamas are in the same family (Camelid) as alpacas, camels and vicunas.

They are usually bigger than alpacas and their fiber is usually more coarse.

Angora Goats

We have 12 Angora goats who are sheared twice a year. Mohair comes from Angora goats.

These are energetic, friendly animals who love meeting new people.


We have2 donkeys at Two Dachshund Farm. They are part of our diverse animal family, known for their gentle nature and unique charm.


We have two beautiful horses at Two Dachshund Farm. These majestic animals are known for their gentle demeanor and strong, graceful presence. As members of the equine family, they bring a unique charm to our farm and are beloved by visitors of all ages.


We have a lively group of Guineas at Two Dachshund Farm. These active and social birds are excellent for pest control, roaming freely and helping keep our farm healthy. Guineas are known for their distinctive calls and unique, speckled feathers, adding to the vibrant life of our farm.


We have a lively flock of chickens at Two Dachshund Farm. These chickens roam freely and contribute to the farm's vibrant atmosphere. Known for their curious and social behavior, they provide fresh eggs and a touch of rustic charm to our farm environment.


We have 4 delightful rabbits at Two Dachshund Farm. These gentle creatures are a joy to watch as they hop around and interact with visitors. Known for their soft fur and playful nature, our rabbits add a touch of charm and warmth to our farm.

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