Celebrating 45 Years of Love and Dachshunds at Two Dachshund Farm


At Two Dachshund Farm, our journey is not just about lavender fields and fiber animals; it’s a heartfelt tale of devotion, milestones, and the enduring love we share with our dachshunds. Join us as we celebrate 45 years of marriage and the unique joy our beloved dachshunds have brought to our farm and family.

The Origin Story

Delve into the roots of our farm’s name, inspired by our first dachshund in 1976. Tawney, a red, smooth-haired beauty, marked the beginning of a legacy that has endured for over four decades. Learn how our commitment to these delightful companions became intertwined with the fabric of our lives.

A Journey with Four-Legged Family Members

Explore the evolving dynamics of our family, where the presence of at least two dachshunds has been a constant source of joy. From adopting long-haired boys to welcoming a beautiful red, smooth-haired girl, each addition has marked a chapter in our shared love story.

Becoming Guardian Homes

Discover our recent role as guardian homes for two long-haired boys, highlighting our commitment to the well-being and happiness of these wonderful creatures. Learn how this experience has deepened our connection with dachshunds and enriched our lives in unexpected ways.

Reflecting on Milestones

Take a nostalgic journey through the milestones of our 45-year marriage, each moment intertwined with the presence of our dachshund companions. From the early days to the present, reminisce about the shared laughter, challenges overcome, and the enduring bond that has stood the test of time.


As we celebrate 45 years of love and dachshunds, we invite you to share in the warmth of our journey. Join us in cherishing the memories, embracing the present, and looking forward to the chapters yet to unfold. At Two Dachshund Farm, our story is a testament to the enduring power of love, family, and the unique joy that dachshunds bring to our hearts.

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