Discover Tranquility and Adventure at Two Dachshund Farm

Where Lavender Blooms, Animals Roam, and Memories Flourish

Escape the ordinary and step into the extraordinary at Two Dachshund Farm. Immerse yourself in the calming hues of lavender, engage with our charming animals, and create memories that linger. Join us for guided tours, explore our artisanal farm store, and embrace the joy of sustainable farming. Your adventure begins here – at Two Dachshund Farm.

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Welcome to Two Dachshund Fiber and Lavender Farm!

Discover Tranquility at Two Dachshund Farm

Spend a relaxing time with us on our 17-acre lavender and fiber agritourism farm in beautiful Franklin County, NC. We welcome you to visit with your friends and family for a scheduled, guided educational tour. We also host birthday parties, school or group events, classes, and more. Stop by to shop in our well-stocked farm store that includes handcrafts made by local artists. See our SERVICES for more information or Book a Tour NOW. We are open year-round weather-permitting.
Meet the animals who provide us with fiber – our alpacas, sheep, llamas, Angora goats and Angora rabbits. You will also get to meet their friends who all have a job on our farm from our donkeys to our chickens and Guineas. Learn about fiber and lavender farming.

* Please arrive no more than 15 minutes prior to your event.

* Visits to the farm store during open hours do not require reservations but texting ahead of your arrival ensures we are available.
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Discover Our Unique Offerings

Experience the Essence of
Two Dachshund Farm

Experience guided tours, lively events, and artisanal treasures at Two Dachshund Farm. Connect with nature and sustainable living in every moment.

Farm Tours

Join our 45-to-60-minute guided farm tour, meeting our charming fiber animals and their friends. Immerse yourself in a unique and educational experience, creating cherished memories with our delightful residents.

Community Groups &
Corporate Events

Looking for a different venue for a team building activity, or a company picnic, or a fun place to unwind and de-stress? Two Dachshund Farm is happy to work with you to provide a unique experience.

School Groups

Discover the charm of our 45-to-60-minute guided farm tour tailored for school groups. Engage with our delightful fiber animals and their friends for a unique and educational experience, creating lasting memories for students of all ages.

Book Now and Create Unforgettable
Memories at Two Dachshund Farm

Embark on a journey of discovery and joy. Whether it’s a guided farm tour, a special event, or exploring our artisanal farm store, Two Dachshund Farm is your destination for nature, education, and lasting memories. Book your experience now and let the adventure begin. Your farm adventure awaits – seize it today!

Unveiling the Farm's Endearing Moniker Story

A Name Rooted in
Love and Legacy

We do not raise or sell dachshunds. Our name comes because we have had a minimum of two dachshunds, mostly rescues, as part of our family for 40 plus years. We got our first dachshund in 1976 for our first anniversary. Tawney was a red, smooth-haired beauty who easily and quickly captured our hearts. Soon we adopted a second dachshund and have, for the majority of our time together, had at least two dachshunds every since, though none were red, smooth-haired females. Recently we became a guardian home for two long-haired boys, and to celebrate 45 years of marriage, we got a third dachshund – a beautiful red, smooth-haired girl.

The Story of Two Dachshund Farm

The Heartfelt Journey Behind Two Dachshund Farm

At Two Dachshund Farm, our story is more than lavender fields and fiber animals – it’s a tale of two dachshunds, 45 years of marriage, and a deep-rooted love for nature. From our first four-legged family member in 1976 to celebrating milestones with long-haired boys and a beautiful red, smooth-haired girl, join us in embracing the passion that shapes our farm and family. Welcome to the heart of Two Dachshund Farm – where love, laughter, and agriculture intertwine.

Discover Our Unique Offerings

Experience the Essence of
Two Dachshund Farm

Experience guided tours, lively events, and artisanal treasures at Two Dachshund Farm. Connect with nature and sustainable living in every moment.

Celebrating 45 Years of Love and Dachshunds at Two Dachshund Farm

Introduction: At Two Dachshund Farm, our journey is not just about lavender fields and fiber animals; it’s a heartfelt tale …

Unraveling the Art of Sustainable Farming

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Meeting the Furry Family at Two Dachshund Farm

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A Day in the Lavender Fields

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Connect with Two Dachshund Farm

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Have questions, want to plan your visit, or simply share the joy of Two Dachshund Farm with us? Reach out through the channels below. We’re here to make your experience memorable and answer any inquiries you may have. Your connection with our farm begins here. We look forward to hearing from you!


313 Cedar Creek Road Franklinton, NC 27525

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Explore Treasures at Our Farm Store

Discover Handcrafted Delights
and Lavender Infusions

Ready to bring a piece of Two Dachshund Farm home with you? Dive into our farm store filled with locally crafted wonders and lavender-infused delights. Your journey into artisanal treasures awaits – click below to explore our store and embark on a shopping experience that supports local artistry and sustainable living.

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From 10 to noon
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Excited to explore the magic of Two Dachshund Farm? Secure your spot now for a guided tour, special event, or hands-on class. Don’t miss out on creating unforgettable memories with us—click below to begin your journey!